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Review for Dawn's Auto Repair on Directory
20 Sep 2023

I brought my Ford F-250 super duty to Dawn's Auto repair on May 17th with a blown up engine. I did so because I heard her add-on the radio. After talking with her and her father, we made a deal to have the engine replaced with a new one. I immediately gave half the cost of the repairs up front. I need my truck and I use it everyday and I also use it for recreation. My wife and I had an event in lake Tahoe the weekend of the 4th of July that we really needed our vehicle for. I informed him that I would really like to have my truck for that weekend. I inquired on how long the repairs would take and I was quoted two weeks. That would have left plenty of time to make my trip over the 4th of July weekend. In the month and a half before the weekend I would periodically stop in and find out the progress , they would reply that the parts, and what have you were on order. The Friday before my trip I went in it to talk to them , the assured me that they hadn't dropped the ball that they just fumbled it a little and that they would have me ready by Monday. Well that didn't happen and now we are here at September 18th and I still haven't got my truck back. In the last 4 months every time I go in to inquire about the truck she just lie to me. Just a few weeks ago she said they got an engine and now just needs to be installed. I said okay. The replacement engine that she got was from a junkyard and was seized and couldn't be used. Still my truck sits in front of their shop with no engine and now I don't really know what to do. I've talked to other shops and they are not willing to work on my vehicle now that it's been all torn apart. So now I'm really into it deep. As it sits, I'm currently out of my money and my vehicle and the possibility of having get it repaired. My only recourse at this point is to try and sue her and get my money back and my truck. She is a liar and a scammer. Do not trust her.
Review for Dawn's Auto Repair on Directory
31 Aug 2023

The most incompetent and dishonest auto repair shop I have ever been to. I suppose that's why Thay have to rent U-Haul now since that make a decent living as an auto shop.
Review for Dawn's Auto Repair on Directory
18 Apr 2023

THE best place for low cost repairs!
Review for Dawn's Auto Repair on Directory
21 Mar 2023

Best place if you want quality repairs at a reasonable price!
Review for Dawn's Auto Repair on Directory
13 Dec 2022

Absolutely the worst shop I have ever experienced. Inaccurate diagnosis. Poor quality on repairs. Believe the bad reviews on the internet they are not a crock!
Review for Honest John's Mobile Repair Llc on Directory
02 Dec 2022

We came from California my car was having issues with the radiator. John came out in a timely manor and got us fixed up quick and back on the road. Very professional and a great mechanic. Definitely recommend.
Review for Dawn's Auto Repair on Directory
25 Sep 2022

I have ALL my semi trucks taken here for service! Mark does a superb job! I read the silly negative one and it's a crock!
Review for Dawn's Auto Repair on Directory
12 Sep 2022

I don't even know where to start with this character Mark that sits behind the desk at Dawns. First of all, he is a bold face repetitive liar. Mark lied to me numerous times. He promised me on four different occasions my truck was going to be fixed and ready to go. Every time he had some BS excuse as to why it wasn't done. Beyond ridiculous excuses. Actually comical excuses. He had the truck for three weeks which started out to be a minor filter replacement, maybe $100, and the estimate ended up going to $3200. After three weeks I was done dealing with this liar. I called him and he told me my truck was done to come pick it up. Mark assured he had fixed the issue. When I got down there I asked for an itemized receipt indicating parts and labor cost. He told me, get your damn truck and go I'm not charging you. I asked him twice, what did you do to my truck? He said don't worry about it, just get your *#*# truck and go. He threw in quite a few expletives I won't add to this posting. Look, you're here on YELP for a reason, you wanna know what you're going to be getting into with this business. In my opinion, if you decide to go to Dawn's you will be sorry you went there. I can't see Dawns lasting in this town. Consider this, if you get a repair and that repair has any kind of a warranty attached to it and he goes out of business in the next few months, what are you going to do? Once again, this guy Mark is a liar and a shyster. Read his reviews. Stay away, stay far away. I would like to add, I've spoke to a number of people that I know in the trucking business around here and he has a terrible, terrible reputation in the repair business. He has no qualms about ripping people off is what I was told. I was told that by numerous people. BTW, my truck was not repaired. The day after I picked it up I experienced the same issue that I was told by Mark he had repaired. To be fair, his daughter, Dawn, who also works in the front office seems like she walks a pretty straight line. She seems cool as does the guys out in the shop that actually turn the wrenches. As far as the guy that's going to give you an estimate and bill you, he's the one you're gonna want to steer clear of.
Review for Dawn's Auto Repair on Directory
27 Aug 2022

Repaired my car quickly and at the best price I found! I highly recommend them to anyone!

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