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Review for Tumbleweed Hair Cutters on Directory
16 Jan 2023

Clean shop! Great cut, took his time to listen to what the customers want.
Review for Tumbleweed Hair Cutters on Directory
29 Jul 2022

Do Not Go Here! My last visit, I mentioned that my Hair was uneven on one side (it was since the previous haircut). Not a big deal, at least to me, but mentioning it is obviously too much for the barber to take. This Morning, up and early at 5A, I entered the shop, only to be told to go elsewhere, because I always complained that my hair grew out uneven! Are you serious?! Me mentioning that upsets you that much. I told him that I had said it once. I have been going to this barber for a year and a half. He has been here for many years and seemed to be a decent guy. But, if something like a customer mentioning how he likes his hair cut makes you go mental, good luck to the rest of your clients. Finding another Barber!

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