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Latest reviews for local Cosmetic Dentists

Review for Lundin Dental on Whodoyou
14 Sep 2021

Lundin Larry C DDS is very good, no problems.
Review for Bruehl Rudy G Dds on Whodoyou
15 Mar 2021

Bruehl Rudy G DDS was great.
Review for Lundin Dental on Whodoyou
09 Mar 2021

It was wonderful very very efficient He was very courteous and helpful and good job I'll press star.
Review for Clark E Melstrom Dds on Whodoyou
07 Feb 2021

Clark E Melstrom DDS was a good company to work with, thank you.
Review for Lundin Dental on Whodoyou
16 Dec 2020

Yeah I had a good experience over things went well and everybody was courteous. And I'm very happy with it thank you very much.

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