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Review for Beautiful Beards Pet Spaw on Directory
10 May 2023

Just found out my husband paid $61 to have our dog groomed today. We will NOT be back so cancel our 6week appointment. Our dog has never bitten a person, but today he tried twice. In my book this does not say much for the groomer. She couldn’t even get his face, which is the primary area that needed to be groomed. Just my opinion. I’m sure they are very nice people.
Review for Gotham Grooming on Directory
15 Apr 2022

BEWARE: This is the owner of Gotham Grooming: "183 Animals, Including Dogs And Rabbits, Found Stuffed In Man’s Freezer, Evidence Shows Some Were Frozen Alive"
Review for Bubbles N Bows Grooming Salon on Directory
04 Jan 2022

Elizabeth has taken care of my Angel for years, very loving young lady and does a great job. Her shop is easy to find and always very clean. She’s GREAT!
Review for K-9 Grooming on Whodoyou
25 Feb 2019

hi we have a new web address come see us at

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