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Review for Tri State Realty Inc on Directory
26 Dec 2021

I could not find a place to rent. I had moved out of my current apartment because the owners wanted to renovate. I was living in an Airbnb for a month that cost about 4,000$ a month. Every place I called never called back. I called Tri State Realty and I was a bit persistent. I talked to Lori she told me to pi k up an application. Jodi e-mailed me a few days later saying she would have an answer for me at the beginning of the week. Monday night Jodi e-mailed me that we could move in after the holidays. I was definitely persistent but I was the one who needed a home. Lori the owner is very perfesional, I have not had a chance to meet Jodi but she did her job and got me into a home, and that's more than anyone else did.
Review for The Land Office on Directory
02 Dec 2021

They are professionals, there always there when you need them
Review for Weichert Realtors on Whodoyou
28 Jun 2017

So far it's been good but we've only just begun.

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