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Review for Mohave Walk-In Care on Directory
06 Dec 2022

This place is a joke. Had 4 people ahead of me. Waited 2.5 hrs and asked why it was taking so long. Was told basically that's just how it is and the nurse practitioner still had 2 other charts to look over ahead of me. That is ridiculous. When my daughter was being checked for her blood pressure and things, the lady just grabbed at my daughter sweater and started unzipping her sweater!! Excuse me!? What happened to asking people for consent instead of grabbing at them?? Also while waiting, you can here the workers there cursing and taking crap about patients. No thank you. I will never go back. I hope they get better people to work there or close down.
Review for All Wellness Medical Center on Directory
03 Feb 2022

Phone appts since pandemic, ineffective, 5 calls for 10 min rude appt w a D.O. that does not listen. Stated she would take care of me… what a joke, can’t get records of procedures your insurance paid for without a huge fee, full of herself, she got Covid-19 and calls me immuno-compromised…not only doctor in world
Review for Bullhead Urgent Care on Whodoyou
08 Mar 2021

The service from Bullhead Urgent Care was fine, it was prompt and it was thorough. I appreciated it, thank you.
Review for Bullhead Urgent Care on Whodoyou
30 Aug 2020

Everyone at Bullhead Urgent Care was very helpful and very polite. I have no problems, they were wonderful!
Review for Bullhead Urgent Care on Whodoyou
16 Aug 2020

Bullhead Urgent Care was fantastic. I've been to them several times and I'm really happy and they really took care of things that needed to be taken care of from somebody else. I Give them a 5 star rating.
Review for Bullhead Urgent Care on Whodoyou
10 Jul 2020

We had a pleasant experience with Bullhead Urgent Care. They treated us well and we were pretty pleased with the results. Thank you.
Review for Bullhead Urgent Care on Whodoyou
01 Jul 2020

Bullhead Urgent Care is very well. It was a good business. It's all good.
Review for Bullhead Urgent Care on Whodoyou
12 Apr 2020

Service was really great at the Bullhead Urgent Care, we were real satisfied.
Review for Bullhead Urgent Care on Whodoyou
01 Sep 2019

Bullhead Urgent Care were very pleasant, very professional not a long wait at all and if I'll be needed the service in the future, I would not hesitate to go back to them, and I have recommended them to a couple of other family members. Thank you.

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