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Review for Stevo's On The Island on Directory
23 Mar 2022

I was waiting for my grandmother at lunch and decided to stop in and check it out. I was checking out the sunglasses and when I turned around this toothless woman was behind me and creeped me out. I thought she was some regular off the streets until I walked over to my husband who was waiting to get a sticker and she was talking on the phone with the owner accusing me of stealing sunglasses. I have never been so insulted by a toothless troll in my life. I asked my husband if he really needed the stickers because it was clear she wasn't going to give us the time of day...... I stopped my husband from giving this place money and I discourage anyone else from doing so. I hope the owner finds the pile of sunglasses she's probably been ripping off and trading under the bridge for meth

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