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Review for Low Cost Spay & Neuter Clinic on Directory
25 Jul 2023

Gave my puppy kennel cough and was extremely sick. Then they wouldn’t see her or call me back. Pathetic
Review for Low Cost Spay & Neuter Clinic on Directory
26 Jul 2022

I adopted a pet that already had an infection from the local pet store. The pet store whom is affiliated with low cost spay and neuter told me to take him there for a one time free physical and his antibiotics for an infection he had. After waiting long period of time in lobby. low-cost spayed and neuter told me they will not pay for his antibiotics I needed to go to Mohave animal shelter where he originally came from to get antibiotics. I arrived at Mohave animal shelter and was told they cannot give any antibiotics or prescription and I need to take him back to low cost spayed/ neuter responsibility to do that. I was back and forth back and forth with both of them. I ended up taking him to another vet for an infection the pet store didn't treat when I adopted him. Yet another incident : I brought 3 kittens in to be fixed. One of the girls working behind the desk. Started talking to me rudely and saying we cannot see them because you have three kittens in a carrier and they need to be in separate carriers . I either have to buy a carrier from them for each kitten or they cannot be seen. Then she gives me the price for each carrier and demanded that I pay right now or else can't be seen. I told her I apologize there were no signs posted at the time stating this. If it is low-cost spayed and neuter policy she should have been more respectful when speaking to a customer. Had another incident 2 years ago. A young arrogant girl working at low cost spay and neuter had lied to me about the price and my appointment. When I call to verify the cost of everything . She gave me a different story. When I confronted her about the lies she got offended and wanted to argue with me. The conversation went downhill. Than she said my pet didn't have an appointment that day. I turned around and went home. I wouldn't have never lost my pet forever because He would have been microchiped. thanks to low-cost spayed and neuter. I didn't get a chance to microchip him that week before he was lost. Also thanks to the young bigotry head swollen b**** they got working there. As many times I've taken all my pets to low cost spayed and neutered and they made plenty money off of me .I still could not get the respect that I deserve. I will never give my business to this place ever again. I am so tired of the rudeness.

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